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Post  D.A.R on Tue Nov 11, 2008 11:30 pm

If arrogance and self-aggrandisement can be considered a virtue among the Champions of Chaos, then Sigvald the Magnificent has raised such self-appreciation to an art form. A powerful and cruel warrior, Sigvald marches to war at the head of a mighty army, a veritable horde of adoring minions who shout his praises with every step, pouring adulation and admiration upon him as only the truly infatuated can.

Many would consider Sigvald's start in life ill-omened; an incest-spawned bastard he was nonetheless blessed with astonishingly handsome features. His aptitude for warfare was honed by his fathers mightiest warriors and by the time he had come of age he had exceeded the prowess of any of his father's tribesmen. Doted on by his father, he was spoiled openly and initially no excess was denied to him. It was not until his father learned of Sigvald's unnatural appetite for human flesh that his patience and affection expired and he exiled Sigvald from the tribe. Shortly thereafter, Sigvald slew his father and sought fame and fortune in the Chaos Wastes.

Wandering the Chaos Wastes, Sigvald soon found that his already impressive prowess blossomed quickly and his decision to murder his father and leave his tribe behind him was vindicated - It was not long before Sigvald's insatiable lusts and wanton cruelty drew the eye of a far more powerful patron. Thereafter Sigvald was known was the Scion of Slaanesh, the Geld-Prince and, more pleasing (to his own ears, at least), the Magnificent. The blessings that the Dark Prince has poured out upon his adopted son are many and great, and none who stand before Sigvald the Magnificent can doubt his favour. Sigvald's fa├žade is glorious, his prowess in battle undoubtable and his cherished position assured. The ground where Sigvald treads moulds to suit his footsteps, trees and rocks bending aside to ease his passing. Maidens and warriors alike throng to do his every bidding and glory after glory is heaped upon his as he crushes foe after foe.

None can say for sure what the future holds for Sigvald, but so long as his degenerate conquests continue to plumb the murkiest depths of depravity, his patronage is assured and with it his road towards transcendent glory is paved.


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SpotLight on Sigvald Empty Re: SpotLight on Sigvald

Post  Boinkzoink on Tue Nov 11, 2008 11:48 pm

Who is Sigvald? rabbit

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