That Photo Album

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That Photo Album

Post  Boinkzoink on Thu Nov 13, 2008 7:37 pm

Remember how innocent and full of vigor you were when you first crossed into the Old World? Let's start taking screenshots of how we look, so that we can one day look back and cackle at the dumb-looking low level outfits we used to don. Or share with everyone some of the more memorable events that has happened to you so that we can chuckle to ourselves secretly.

Boinkzoink: Early Twenties

^This is me at early 20s, alongside Kitano, who was previously known as Kotora. *I still prefer the old nick*

^Me on my newly bought steed, posing on top of a small hill and trying to get a screenie of the purple lightning in the background.

^And this was the old set of rubbish I used to have on. See how grumpy I looked?

^Me in my first keep siege ever. I was lucky enough to bump into the mass right before they proceeded on to do some evil.

^Where's Wally!

More pictures are on their way soon. Post yours today! bounce

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Re: That Photo Album

Post  biarrtch on Tue Nov 18, 2008 6:29 am

awww... i love the first photo... so loving. Smile
when r u going to take a picture of me with my rotting eyes? heh... btw i cant find my screen capture button. my life is over...


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