Hot Fixes 11/12/2008

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Hot Fixes 11/12/2008 Empty Hot Fixes 11/12/2008

Post  Boinkzoink on Thu Nov 13, 2008 12:34 pm

Link: Herald Article


Here's today's round of hot fixes:

General Changes and Bug Fixes:

* Fixed some issues which sometimes allowed players to access areas they should be unable to reach.
* Fixed an issue that was causing Witching Night masks to continue to drop even though the event has ended.
* Fixed an issue that was causing one of the gold loot bags received from a successful keep raid to be devoid of items.


* Mikhail the Profane will now spawn in areas accessible by players.
* Fixed some issues with the lair boss Tezzak Gnawbone. He is now the appropriate level and will act aggressive toward players.


* Shadow Shard: Fixed an issue with the quest item ‘Shadow Shard,’ which could be used repeatedly to cause latency for other players.
* Tramplers of Blind Rage: This reward item for the Public Quest "Army of Faith" can now be used by Marauders.

Quests & Public Quests

* Unholy Bond: The Blacktalon Beastigors in West Praag have grown in number and should be easier to find for this quest
* Portal of Rage: Fixed an issue that was preventing players from completing the quest because the required monsters were not spawning.
* Mushroom Deep: Players will now be able to interact with the henge stone and complete the quest.
* Devil Inside: This quest now grants the proper amount of experience and coin upon completion.
* Ore Robbers - DISABLED: Fixed an issue that could allow players to obtain this disabled quest.
* Control: Fixed an issue that was causing Falathin Soulbreaker to become unattackable, which would break the quest for the player who was trying to complete it.
* The Brass Legion: The Brass Skullhowlers in this Bastion Stair Public Quest will now finish the fights they start, and be sure to reclaim the Blood Skulls off any battles that they win. "

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